TASTING GUIDE SPRING 2019 American Blonde Ale (ABA) A smooth, easy drinking light (in color) ale. Born of German yeast, American, English and German malt and American hops; this is the Quintessential American Beer. We crafted ABA over the last few years to be a perfect stepping stone into the world of Craft Beer. Not too hoppy or too malty, this beer drinks well cold (35°F) or warmed a bit (45°F), and can be paired with any fine meal. Color: Light Amber ABV 6.0% I IBUs 20 Arrow Matic Amber IPA It's all about aroma. We worked hard to create an IPA that celebrates our Hop’s wonderful nose of citrus, pine and tropical fruits aromas. While it is just as much an IPA with its bold bitter notes, a well balanced malt presence keeps this IPA smooth and accessible to any beer drinker. Color: Amber ABV: 7.0% I IBUs 57 Jason Hates it! - IPA 
Jason hates regionalized IPA's so much, we decided to create an 
IPA to transcend geography. Jason Hates It! encompasses the heart of a west coast IPA with the soul of an east coast IPA. Bursting with fruity notes of citrus & pineapple, all of this hoppy goodness is balanced with a smooth malt character to create a 
beer even Jason himself, can enjoy! Color: Pale Gold ABV 6.2% I IBUs 44 Luckie's Hoppy Pale Ale 
Hop into Spring with this classic pale ale. Aggressively hopped to deliver a unique experience of light body and full hop aroma. Notes of pineapple, passion fruit and ripe stone fruit awake your senses. Upfront bitterness fades to a malty sweet finish. A perfect offering for warm spring days and crisp cool nights. Color: Pale ABV 4.7% I IBUs 32 The Banister Banshee Irish Extra Dry Stout This brew delivers HUGE flavor notes of coffee and dark 
chocolate. An upfront bitterness gives way to a lingering ghost 
of sweetness. One sip and you'll be screaming like a banshee sliding down a banister... Color: Dark ABV 5.5% I IBUs 38 Glenaldus - Scotch Ale Glenaldus! What glory from thy tap pours? Tis caramel and lush stone fruit, come dancing from you door. From mighty oak homes, we awaited your leave. Age has done it's magic, a sip reveals all to be. Color: Caramel ABV 9.0% I IBUs 23
 Purple Fiction Imperial Berry Ale - NITRO Breath in the sweet berries. With a deep wine-like aroma this imperial ale packs a wallup of berry flavor. Brewed with blackberries, blueberries and boysenberries, we this this barrel aged ale is berry good. Color: Deep purple ABV 13.0% I IBUs 29 9th & Porter German Chocolate Cake Imperial Porter AY, YO! Yous guys-err-in for a treat! Like a big boozy piece of adult candy, our German Chocolate cake inspired porter is slightly dry with a subtle sweet finish. With a nose of Coconut rum and bittersweet chocolate this beer will delight your senses. Go. Birds. Color: Dark ABV 9% I IBUs 22 Wee Dame - Wee Heavy Ale
This beer is smooth and complex, with notes of cocoa and a sweet smoky finish. Wee-Dame is malt forward, with subtle hop characteristics which makes for a sweet velvety offering. Color: Dark Amber ABV 8.0% I IBUs 21 Peanut Butter Honey Time Ale This product may contain Peanuts... Wait, it actually does contain Peanuts... A LOT OF THEM! A robust scent of Honey roasted peanuts bursts forth from the glass. On first sip, you are met by a nutty, caramely, slightly sweet malt presence. This quickly fades to a dryer honey finish. We are A BIT NUTTY about this beer!! Color: Amber ABV 6.0% I IBUs 10 Laser x4 Rye Helles Lager AKA Laser, Laser, Laser, Laser. With laser-like precision we crafted this Helles Lager to be crisp and light with clean, malty sweetness. Perfectly balanced to cut through your summer thirst like a FRICKIN" LASER! Color: Extra Pale ABV 5.3% I IBUs 18 American Standard Lager - The Spirit of Hanover This is our take on the American Standard Lager. Brewed with new world hops (Citra and Mosaic), there are soft notes of citrus and fruit that you would not find with mass produced lagers. We used puffed Jasmine rice to add complexity, lending quite a bit to the floral nose. This makes our version rather unique and highly approachable. I wish this was available when I was in college. Color: Extra Pale ABV 5.1% I IBUs 10 ImpropDoppBack Lager The beer is aptly named, as it is on the low end of alcohol and color for the style as well as having a new world hop character (Citra) in the nose and flavor. Keeping things on the lighter side of the style guidelines and playing twords the modern palate, we find this on e of the most drinkable Dopple Bocks we have had in a long time. Color: Light Amber ABV 7.0% I IBUs 18

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