TASTING GUIDE WINTER 2018 American Blonde Ale (ABA) A smooth, easy drinking light (in color) ale. Born of German yeast, American, English and German malt and American hops; this is the Quintessential American Beer. We crafted ABA over the last few years to be a perfect stepping stone into the world of Craft Beer. Not too hoppy or too malty, this beer drinks well cold (35°F) or warmed a bit (45°F), and can be paired with any fine meal. Color: Light Amber ABV 6.0% I IBUs 20 Arrow Matic Amber IPA It's all about aroma. We worked hard to create an IPA that celebrates our Hop’s wonderful nose of citrus, pine and tropical fruits aromas. While it is just as much an IPA with its bold bitter notes, a well balanced malt presence keeps this IPA smooth and accessible to any beer drinker. Color: Amber ABV: 7.0% I IBUs 57 Jason Hates it! - IPA 
Jason hates regionalized IPA's so much, we decided to create an 
IPA to transcend geography. Jason Hates It! encompasses the heart of a west coast IPA with the soul of an east coast IPA. Bursting with fruity notes of citrus & pineapple, all of this hoppy goodness is balanced with a smooth malt character to create a 
beer even Jason himself, can enjoy! Color: Pale Gold ABV 6.2% I IBUs 44 Luckie's Hoppy Pale Ale 
Hop into Spring with this classic pale ale. Aggressively hopped to deliver a unique experience of light body and full hop aroma. Notes of pineapple, passion fruit and ripe stone fruit awake your senses. Upfront bitterness fades to a malty sweet finish. A perfect offering for warm spring days and crisp cool nights. Color: Pale ABV 4.7% I IBUs 32 Presence Ale - 3rd Life Transcendental Hop Series
Welcome to Presence Ale, our transcendental hop series. Join us on an exploratory journey of mind, body and taste. Experience the flavors and aromas various hop varieties have to offer and how they intertwine with each other. Achieve new levels of taste and enjoyment. Forget IBU's, forget style, just be present in the moment and transcend. Enjoy. Color: Golden ABV 6.0% I HOPS Nelson Sauvin, Enigma Red Rye Revival - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Ale (Batch 4
Salvation is at hand! Enter the promise land of flavor; revel in notes of bourbon, vanilla and caramel. Bask in the soul warming finish, Raise a glass, take a sip and testify! Color: Dark Caramel ABV 11.25% I IBUs 37 Red Flannel Logger - Lager This lager wraps you up with warm, toasty malt flavor and balanced hop aroma. It starts sweet but ends with a pleasant mild bitter, dry finish. Color: Amber ABV 5.25% I IBUs 28 Smooth Dark & Malty - Schwarzbier Sophisticated, Daring, Mesmerizing. Subtle, Dreamy, Majestic. Sublime, Debonair, Mysterious. Drink it in. Color: Dark ABV 4.5% I IBUs 20 Dupule Lupulus - Nebulous Hopicous 2x IPA Born of stardust, a chaotic mix of clouds that coalesce into something wonderful. Particle aromas of grapefruit, tangerine and line; coupled with gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee notes. A medium heavenly body make this a stellar brew Color: Golden ABV 8.5% I IBUs 60 The Giving Tea- Red Ale with Oolong Tea While some of the caramel and mild biscuit tones come from the malt and a bit of fruitless coming from the yeast, most of the features stand out from steeping the tea in the beer for 48-72 hours. While fantastic on its own, it goes well with a lemon wedge, and even with muddled peaches or raspberries. Color: Deep Copper ABV 5.0% I IBUs 6 Resilience IPA Brewed locally by the following: Aldus Brewing Co. Center Square Brewing Co. Miscreation Brewing Co. Something Wicked Brewing Co. Warehouse Gourmet Brewed in conjunction with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to benifit those affected by the California Camp Finre. The "C" in CRAFT is for Community. Color: Hazy Copper ABV 7.0% I IBUs 60 Driving Me Nuts! - Hazelnut Porter What's that smell? Why it's freshly made Hazelnut Praline and dark chocolate. This libation begins with flavors of caramelized sugar, sweet hazelnut and ends with a "coffee with cream and sugar" finish. Color: Dark Carmel ABV 6.3% I IBUs 31

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